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June 9, nandini diwas
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Shri Suprano Satpathy


I thank all the eminent personalities of Orissa & other parts of India who came up with this noble idea of settling a charitable trust in the honor of legendary late Smt. Nandini Satpathy. I am also thankful to all the associate members of Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust who have contributed their wealth, vision & efforts for the cause of our trust. I am grateful to all who have entrusted me to lead this trust as its chairman.

My mission statement is "Giving alms is not charity, it only makes beggars out of the needy. Charity is to device a module which the needy or the under privileged can use & improve on their lives’. I request you to read the aims and objectives of our trust. If you believe in them, have the zest to improve the world around you and are willing to work for it too then you are welcome to join us in our endeavor.

Please feel free to send in your views, suggestions & questions in regard with the Trust.


The intent Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memoral Trust (SNSMT) stands for:

To establish, erect, equip and maintain or contribute towards establishments, erection, equipment and maintenance of colleges, schools, bal-mandirs, libraries, free reading rooms, gymnasiums, swimming pools, hospitals, dispensaries, medical clinics -including clinics for tuberculosis patients, nursing homes, maternity homes, orphanages, home for widows, destitute or other unattached woman, vikas grahas and charitable institutions for the relief of poor, education, medical relief and advancement of other objects of general public utility not involving the carrying on of any activity of profit.

To establish educational institutions encouraging literature, arts, medicine, science, agricultural crafts, history, technology, and technical education in all branches.

Endowments to different universities existing or which may hereafter come into existence for the purpose of encouraging education.

Endowments to hospitals, infirmaries, maternity homes, orphanages, sanatoriums, boarding houses, hostels and charitable dispensaries.

Awarding scholarships and fellowships in cash or in such other form on such terms and conditions as the Trustees may think fit for the purpose of undertaking, pursuing and encouraging studies PROVIDED THAT such scholarships and fellowships shall be awarded to such poor and/ or deserving students and scholars studying in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions in India or abroad and who cannot afford and have no means to prosecute the same.

Setting up or helping by endowments orphanages or poor houses for the benefits of orphans and poor persons and awarding of scholarships and cash payments to poor persons and widows desirous of receiving a primary, secondary and/ or higher education and/ or research in any branch or branches of science in its widest sense.

To pay tuition fees, examinations fees, boarding and lodging fees to deserving students and to supply books free of cost to such students.

To make monthly or other periodical or lump sum grants and contributions for the advancement of education to educational institutions.

To render financial help to deserving students to enable them to purchase books and other equipments necessary for their education.

To render financial help to needy and deserving persons to enable them to obtain medical treatment either in India or abroad in cash or in such other forms and on such terms and conditions, as Trustees shall deem fit PROVIDED HOWEVER that in case of medical treatment to be obtained abroad, financial help should be rendered in India.

To give financial help to needy widows and orphans for the purpose of their maintenance, medical treatment and education specially in arts and crafts so as to enable them to earn their livelihood.

Establishing or rendering help to any institutions for the alleviation of human suffering.

To distribute blankets, rags, woolen clothing’s, clothes or cotton, woolen, silken and other varieties of cloths to the needy.

Smt. Satpathy & Sh. Devendra Satpathy working in Cyclone effected area 1971

To start, maintain and assist any relief measures in those parts, which are subject to natural calamities, like famine, fire, flood, dearth of water, earthquake, Cyclone etc. Without distinction and irrespective of religion, castes or creed to give relief to poor, relief to the deserving, medical relief advancement and propagation of any object of general public charity, public institutions, maintenance and support of the schools, educational institutions, hospitals, relief of any distress caused by the elements of nature, give educational grants and assistance in advancement of learning in all its branches, establishing research work in connection with medicine, literature, technology, science, industrial problems or for providing funds for instituting and/ or starting professorships or lectureships or giving scholarships in any branch of medicine, family planning, science, technology or commerce or law giving free aid to any charitable institutions, trusts, associations, organizations etc.

To undertake agricultural activities, horticultural activities for development of the rural poor life, and development of medicinal plants, herbal plants, flower plants for export purposes.

To establish school, colleges for promoting agricultural science, horticultural science, pisciculture, dairy farming, poultry farming, goatery and other similar activities for economic benefit of the rural poor.

To take care leproscopic patients, HIV AIDS patients, & patients of such diseases for which cure is yet to be developed.

To help self-help groups either man/woman, create job opportunities for them, provide finance, get financial aid for them, tie-up with bankers for their finance and advance their objective of self-help.

Other Aims and Objectives of Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust’ are as follows

  • Promote physical well-being, education, sports, research, training & professional development of Oriyas.
  • Organize & Promote conference, seminar, lecture, public debate & exhibitions in all matters relating to Oriyas & Orissa.
  • Acquire, hold, improve, and develop lands & Construct building & related facilities on behalf of the trust towards the cause of the trust as necessary.
  • Organize & maintain religious shrines, residential hostels, subsidies or free eateries along with other amenities for its members, its associate members, their immediate nuclear family, their guests and their nominees.
  • Develop on integrated physical environment in which various professionals & institutions related with different facets of Oriyas & Orissa related issues would functions, interact and attempt to resolve community related problems in a coordinated manner.
  • Promote awareness in regard to Oriya culture related issues including music, dance, art, food, literature, history, habitation, architecture, tourism, and traditional Oriya festivity along with many more cultural issues related to Orissa.
  • Promote better urban and rural settlement relevant to Oriya social, cultural and economic context and related to the lifestyle of Oriyas.
  • Inculcate better awareness and sensitivity in regard to all aspect of religious human activity pertaining to all religions including the significance of Lord Jaganath along with other divines of prominence in Orissa.
  • Document all relevant information pertaining to Orissa, human settlement and environment issues.
  • Advice and if needed assist the Government (s) in the formation and implementation of policies of any kind that are in any manner related to Oriyas and Orissa.
  • Constitute or cause to be constituted center at convenient place to promote the objective of the trust
  • To do such all other lawful activities as the trust considers conductive to the attainment of all or any of the above objectives.
  • Offer awards, prizes, scholarships and stipends in furtherance of the objectives of the trust.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with other national and international institutions in furtherance of the objectives of the trust.

Women & Youth development work.

To undertake any programme of rural development including any programme for promoting the social and economic welfare of, or the uplift of the public in any rural area, and the funds of the association/ institution raised for this purpose would be utilized for the above object.

The benefits of the Trust shall be open to all Indians irrespective of caste, creed or religion.