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June 9, nandini diwas
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H.Ex.Sh. Rameshwar Thakur the Hon'ble Governor of Orissa inaugurating first National daughters' day - NANDINI DIWAS

9th of June is hereby notified as national 'Daughters day' (NANDINI DIWAS). 'Nandini' & 'Diwas' are Sanskrit words which mean 'Daughter' & 'Day' respectively. This day commemorates the launch of project 'NANDINI' & also the birth anniversary of the legendary late Smt. Nandini Satpathy.

NANDINI DIWAS was inaugurated & project 'Nandini' was launched by Sh. Rameshwar Thakur, the hon'ble Governor of Orissa. The distinguished dignitaries who supported him for the same are Sh. J.B Patnaik, Ex.Union Minister of India & Ex.Chief Minister of Orissa, Sh. V. Narayansamy, M.P Rajya Sabha & Gen. Sec. AICC, Comd. K Jalandhar, Commandant NCC & Sh.Suparno Satpathy Chairman SNSMT.

The inauguration took place at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The venue witnessed a full house presence of highly distinguished & respected people of Orissa as well as other parts of India.

What is project 'Nandini'

Project 'Nandini is a social cause project conceptualized by Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust to bring about a change in the society by stimulating the brains of individuals with knowledge, which is out of the text books of schools & collages. Addressing to subjects which need special attention to improve the basic life of an individual which leads to the transformation of the society for the better. And who better than women, cause they are the creator of the society. Project 'Nandini' is a social cause movement which will redefine literacy or educated from what it is currently perceived.

A full house attendance for the inauguration of first national daughters’ day NANDINI DIWAS

Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust, a charitable social organization is starting a community of such progressive women of India to become agents of social transformation. SNSMT termed this project as 'Nandini' which means 'daughter'. For an effective working pattern we have divided the project into four aspects of a woman's life.

  • 'Nandini' is a new born girl child
  • 'Nandini' is an adolescent girl
  • 'Nandini' is a young woman
  • 'Nandini' is a senior citizen

As a strategy to counter the vulnerable condition of women in India, the main thrust of the project in year one is on adolescent girls who, at the threshold of adulthood are victims of early marriages, pregnancies, child abuse as well as trafficking besides other ills. Project 'Nandini' seeks to demonstrate that it is not only opportune to focus on vulnerable adolescent girls caught in the process of pauperization, it is also crucial to go beyond the narrow perspective of considering them as" people with needs", but to look upon them primarily as people whose rights have to be defended for the well being of the Society. In the first year we focus on empowering adolescent girls with knowledge, communication skills, health education, and information on safe mother hood, family planning and interactive sessions with successful women achievers. We call this creating Nandinis out of ordinary women. These Nandinis will serve as role models to the rest of our country and contribute in creating more nandinis. This project is designed for the semi urban & rural women of India where the information passing mechanism is till date (even after 60 years of our independence) very poor. This project will provide a holistic approach that seeks to draw out the innate talent in each girl child to become strong, independent, and self respecting women of substance.


(L-R) Comd. Jalandhar, Sh.J.B Patnaik, H.Ex.Sh.Rameshwar Thakuar, Sh.V.Narayansamy &
Sh.Suparno Satpathy inaugurating the memo book of first national daugthers' day ( NANDINI DIWAS )

A girl child is perceived as a burden to be passed on to another family. Her contribution has remained unacknowledged. The adverse attitude towards the girl child signals the catarostrophe of serious demographic imbalance and degeneration of socio-economic conditions. Unfortunately, the rejection of the unwanted girl begins even before her birth. Those unfortunate girls who manage to survive until birth and beyond, find the dice heavily loaded against them. Girls are denied equal access to food, health care, education, employment and even simple human dignity.

Her sacrifice and dedicated services ensure the well-being of the family, but in return, she receives neglected childhood devoid of proper education and health care.

Sh. Suparno Satpathy, Chairman SNSMT speaking on project ‘Nandini’

This project will be setup in partnership with individuals, organizations working on social cause, entrepreneurs and Govt. organizations etc that share a similar Project 'Nandini' does not talk about the sordid tale of an Indian daughter but relates to the power of this daughter with the aegis from history to moon. The project is capturing the minds of imagination and the age of transformation, that decides the fate of tomorrow.

Project 'Nandini In the first year 2007 -08 will focus on developing a group of adolescent girls who we call nandinis ,who would be capable of drawing out their genius, values and skills .Which they will pass on into the Society after getting back to their own habitat.

What does project 'Nandini' offer - SNSMT has put together a curriculum based on multiple intelligences fun based learning and learning beyond text books. Project Nandini offers a relevant curriculum. It schedules moral & social development. Makes community betterment the fundamental part of the curriculum, developing social consciousness, developing self confident, making winners out of ordinary women by applying learning based on research & real experiences. The project also would encourage entrepreneurial qualities to achieve self sustenance. SNSMT will focus on project programs such as skill building . These could include vocational programs, special talent development programs and community participation programs. These programs must bring in revenue to make it more self-reliant.

Project 'Nandini' provides a podium to stand up in support of the ban on pre natal sex determination & ban on abortion of female feticide in India.

Induction workshop of project 'Nandini'- 8th & 9th of June`07…

Dr. Prof. Kumudini Sharma interacting with the participants
at the workshop, in set Dr. Seba Mahapatra

On 8th & 9th of June`07 a workshop was held at Panthanivas,OTDC Complex Bhubaneswar ( only for the invited delegations from all over India) about 150 adolescent girls had participated in the work shop. Our educators Dr. Prof.Kumudini Sharma Maj. Anil Passi,Dr. Seba Mahapatra,Shri. Hari Prashad Pattanayak & Dr. P.Yashodhara conducted the workshop. Subjects earmarked for the project were tackled by our super specialty educators.

On the 9th of June`07 at 6 PM venue Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar, Orissa project 'Nandini' was formally launched and the first national 'Daughters day' ( NANDINI DIWAS ) was inaugurated. It followed with the celebration for 'NANDINI DIWAS' with live performance by the musical maestro Ms. Penaz Masani.

(L-R) Ms.Penaz Masani ,Ms. Ranu Mohanty & Sh.Hari Prashad Pattanayk receiving awards from H.Ex.Sh.Rameshwar Thakur the hon’ble Governor of Orissa, in set Sh. Suparno Satpathy, Chairman SNSMT

Maj. A.K Passi at the workshop of project ‘NANDINI’

On this occasion the Hon'ble Governor of Orissa presented Nandini Puraskars of Rs.51,000/- & Rs.21,000/- to Ms.Penaz Masani (Globally noted musical Maestro) & to Ms. Ranu Mohanty (Globally noted sports personality) respectively. The Hon'ble Governor also presented token of appreciation to all the educators of project 'Nandini'.

Five visually challenged adolescent girls who also participated in the project 'Nandini' workshop were presented with a token of appreciation by H.Ex.Sh. Rameshwar Thakur the hon'ble Governor of Orissa.

Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust is very thankful to all who supported and in particular thankful to Dr. Manmohan Singh the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India for his kind words, support & encouragement for national daughters day ( NANDINI DIWAS ) & project 'Nandini'.